Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bench News

Hi all,

It's been a very productive week here in my studio. It's odd how the muse sends me into overdrive one week and puts on the breaks in the next.
I think the change in weather has been very helpful in terms of creativity. I don't take many days off in between, but make sure that I nourish my other interests as well, so that I have a healthy balance of work and fun.
For the first time in my life I have a vegetable garden, which I am excited about! It will be nice to harvest the fruits of our own labor.
It's been great to experience such a warm spring in comparison with the cold in Norway. However, I really miss Scandinavia. It has it's own unique charm. The south of Norway is actually quite wonderful in terms of "milder" winters compared to north of the arctic circle. No one could ever get me to live there again. It's too isolated. I need to know that I can sit in the car and be able to drive to another city within at least an hour.
Now we live in a small suburb in the heart of the black forest, in the deep south of Germany. I grew up here, and funny enough, I always said that I would never ever move back here. Yet we did, well for a year or two, and then our adventure will lead us once again to another place. Not quite sure where, but somewhere where one can thrive easier being a self employed artist without the hassles of so much bureaucracy. I had forgotten how hard it actually is here, in that regard.
But in the meanwhile, while we are here, we will be traveling quite a bit. Strasbourg in France is just a  20 min. drive from here and Basel in Switzerland just a mere 45 min.! Would love to take a drive to Lake Como this summer. There are so many ridiculously beautiful places here in Europe, and because we live so central makes it easy to get around.

Now we are taking a little walk through our yard:

Room with a view.

John repurposed a old fiber glass oil tank into a spring bed. 
I think it's perfect, and serves the purpose,
                                    and in addition, it won't end up on the hills of a dumpster.

John mowing the lawn this afternoon.

Little spring blooms

Tulips in their full glory

I also made some jewelry:

Rustic Moonflower Necklace with Blue Chalcedony

Sunflower Necklace in Oxidized Silver and Yellow Agate

Tree of Life Necklace- Agua Nueva Agate in Etched Silver

Custom Order Pansy Necklace in Silver with a Gorgeous Blue Chalcedony

Botanical Necklace in Silver and Aqua Chalcedony

Prudent Man Agate Necklace in Silver with a partially handmade chain.

Pansy Necklace with beautiful pink druzy stone. 

This slice of Amazonite is the best quality there is. I could not capture the true intense color of this beauty. It's set in sterling silver. 

Most of these items are listed in my shop already! The other ones will be added to the shop this weekend!

Well, it's BBQ season and I need to finish my potato salad!

Have a super duper weekend ya'll and thanks so much for stopping by!

Psst... there will be a give-away posted tomorrow!! 
So, come on back to check out what's up for grabs!

xx Sabine