Friday, April 18, 2014

Happenings and a SALE

It's finally BBQ season, which couldn't make me happier!

Yesterday we took out the BBQ, and the grill season officially started! It makes things quite easy for me when all I have to do is fire up the Grill instead of spending hours behind the stove making dinner. As odd as it sounds, but I am grateful for being able to purchase good cheeseknacker sausages and all sorts off other BBQ meats, which was impossible to find in Norway ( no offense my dear Norwegian friends ). Germans usually eat their big meal at lunch time, but I just can not get used to that. Although I often dislike having to leave the bench to make dinner. Oddly enough I get my most inspiration in the evening hours or very early in the morning. My attention span peaks usually at 2PM. If the creative flow doesn't happen I don't force myself to continue. I usually take a walk or run errands during that time.

The pergola behind the house

I usually work on several items at the same time. I'm just like that. I tried to change that in the past, but it doesn't work for me. Why force it?
Here are a couple of new items I finished this week:

A labor of love, sterling silver and green chalcedony: Just listed here 

*SOLD* Woodland necklace with beautiful royal imperial jasper, Baltic amber, various etched botanical elements and a hand cast horse in silver. One of my all time favorite pieces!

Unique diamond shaped earrings in silver and rose quartz beads

Oak leaf earrings in sterling silver with funky embossed pattern

Dalmation jasper earrings in silver.

The earrings will be listed shortly!

Head on over to my shop where you'll receive a 20% discount on all items ( $40 dollar minimum purchase ). Use the code EASTERSALE @ checkout! Sale lasts until Monday! :) This will be my last big sale for a while!

Good friday everyone!


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  1. Beautiful new jewels! Your creativity is endless! :)