Monday, December 31, 2012

Bright colors on a dreary day

It's been a slow day, the muse didn't want to come out and play so I just finished a necklace that I had worked on yesterday. I never let it bother me anymore when I don't feel particularly creative. There really is no point in pushing yourself when ideas don't strike. I used to, when I first starting silversmithing, try so hard to make something even though I wasn't feeling it. In return I wasn't happy with the outcome of my product. It feels best when I know I put my heart and soul into something and didn't just make something for the sake of making it.
This being the last day of 2012 I feel a positive anticipation for the coming year. I'm eager to continue to work hard to achieve my goals. I'm not one to make tons of new years resolutions, I rather just strive to always better myself in whatever area I feel I need to work on.
Do you have any new years resolutions?

Below is the new necklace I made today. I can't help but work with texture these days. This particular necklace is simple, yet quite intricate texture-wise. I keep telling myself to edit, edit, edit. Sometimes I want to lay on layers but have to remind myself that less is often more. Can you tell I love watching Project Runway?

The necklace is listed in my Etsy shop!

Today's jewelry finds

1. Ruby ring in gold can be found at ShopStyle.
2. I just love these bracelets by Greek artist Anna Theoharaki.
3. Chiseled chalcedony silver ring can be found here.
4. This cool beach inspired ring is handmade by Hedrow Rose on Etsy.
5. Gorgeous peruvian blue earrings by jewelry designer Alexis Bittar.
6. Great to brighten up any dreary day, stacking rings by Astley Clarke.
7. And this beautiful rose cut pink ruby cabochon is available at FabbyDabbyStones on Etsy.

Here's wishing you all a very Happy New Year!!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

A little bit of this and that

Welcome to my new blog! My name is Sabine. I'm a maker of jewelry, a collector of all things cute and I like to surround myself with beautifu things. Welcome to my creative world.

Here are some of my latest pieces. As you can tell I love vibrant colors in my designs.

Today's Etsy finds:

I just love browsing Etsy and all its incredible artists. Here is a small collection of my favorites today:

1. Love pillow from Honey Pie Design on Etsy.
2. Gorgeous ceramic mug from LoJo Ceramics on Etsy.
3. Stunning wedding band set from Ash Hilton on Etsy.
4. Everyone needs a little sock bear from the Remakerie. I mean look at it! Would brighten anyone's day!

Thanks for reading!