Sunday, March 2, 2014

I'm back!

Yes, you heard right, I am back blogging!

One of the major reasons I haven't blogged is because since having left Canada my english vocabulary has declined. To you it may sound silly to not blog because of this, but I am a perfectionist and always prided myself in how good I was writing and speaking English. I made it a mission that while living in Canada that I will learn the language properly, which I did. However, not interacting with english speaking people all the time, makes it difficult at times to uphold the vocabulary. John and I mainly speak English, but also Norwegian, which I don't want to forget either. And since living in Germany I also find it important to help John learn German.

For those of you who are new to this blog, I'll quickly summarize what I have been up to.
I am a German citizen. I had lived and worked in Canada for 15 years, and in 2005 I moved to Norway to be with my then boyfriend, John ( who is now my husband ).
We lived there for 8 years, and last year we moved back to Germany to be with family. My dad was very sick at the time and he was one of the major reasons for having made the move. Sadly he passed away on October 31st of last year.

The transition moving here from Norway has not been an easy one. I had almost completely forgotten how intricate and rigid bureaucracy seems to be here. It is not easy at all to be a self employed artist here. I, for the first time since being a artist, had to hire a tax advisor. I could have never figured out how to fill out all the tax forms and such. It is one of the most intricate and complicated systems in the world.
I have to smile sometimes when I see people's negative reaction when they find out what I do for a living here. At first it bothered me, but now I really don't care anymore. I stay true to myself and my work, and most of all I do what I love, which most people do not. It's been hard work to get to where I'm at now. I am super grateful for being able to do what I do for a living! It can be quite scary, especially when sales are slow for a period of time, but that just means one needs to evaluate the designs and perhaps make some changes.

I would like this blog to be somewhat personal and real, but also a fun and interactive place where I can share my thoughts about what uplifts me,what turns me off, and, of course, share my love of jewelry making and to showcase other artists work.

Below you can check out some of my recent work. Right now I am obsessed with statement pieces and bold colors.

Kingman Mine Turquoise and Carnelian

Sterling Silver and Prehnite

Druzy Titanium Agate, Labradorite and Sterling Silver

Lotus Bloom Necklace in Sterling Silver and Carnelian

Kingman Mine Turquoise and Sterling Silver

Birds Nest Necklace With Gorgeous Titanium Agate and Rutilated Quartz

They are all available in my Etsy shop! Hope to see you there!

Thanks so much for reading!


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