Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The whereabouts of Chilli

I don't know about you, but I tend to be an early riser. I like getting up early, catching up on news, with either a mug of herbal tea or a cup of hot chocolate ( eek ). I love the silence in the house and the neighborhood. It's soothing to my soul and kind of meditative.
I spent the majority of the morning cleaning up my dirty bench while listening to Nik Kershaw, sorted out cabs, packaged orders that came in over new year's. It's such a great feeling to be sitting at my desk with a clear view of every tool I need on a regular basis. It's probably not going to last to look like this for very long, but for the time being it's kind of zen-like...
This afternoon I turned in some of my silver scrap which was a whooping 1400 grams! Super cool, considering that I get store credit which I can use for purchasing more recycled silver.
I am waiting on a large order of titanium agate druzies which hopefully will arrive this week sometime. They'll be primarily used for necklaces. I have been on such an earring binge that it will be nice to add some new necklaces to my Etsy shop.
I did list a new pair of earrings though. Cute, everyday lovelies with a nice pattern and adorned with moonstones.

Enjoy your day everyone!

Thanks for reading!

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